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Paul F. GauthierThe voyage with Arctic Quest artists was my seventh excursion into Arctic Territory.

Each expedition had its moments of wonder and visual excitement. Over a period of some 27 years, I have experienced changing ice patterns and most notably warming trends, affecting wildlife sustainment and indigenous native population’s frustrations in harvesting declining species.

On my last venture with Arctic Quest, a scene I observed from the deck of the Akedemik Ioffe vessel brought this aspect of environmental change to the ecology of the Arctic, forcefully into view. Here was a lone mature polar bear squatting on a fragment of ice surrounded by an open sea devoid of pack ice. In order to survive, the bear needs access to ice, to hunt their seal quarry. We need to draw attention to environmentalists, government officials and the general public, that we are indeed experiencing global warming on a scale that is directly influencing the ecology of this fragile planet.

Future generations will suffer the consequences of our ineptitude in dealing with what is now a crisis of a monumental continuum of events.

  • 1979 - Baffin Island - Pangnirtung, Broughton Island
  • 1981 - Dogsled Excursion Cumberland Sound Baffin Island
  • 1983 - The Firth River Expedition, Northern Yukon
  • 1987 - High Arctic Islands, N.W.T. with Polar Continental Shelf Project
  • 1992 - Greenland as Artist-in-Residence aboard the expedition vessel Illiria
  • 1994 - Canadian Arctic with The Canadian Coast Guard C.C.G.S. Henry Larsen
  • 2006 - Greenland and Eastern Arctic with Arctic Quest
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