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The nature of our global village - the people, the geography, and our interaction with it - continues to lead me on a quest to explore all seven continents.

Having always worked with the moving image, my photography captures the moment that we all seem to miss in passing.  I take the position of observer and narrator and, through my photographs attempt to preserve glimpses at a world that is both timeless and changing.

I am currently exploring themes of isolation, civilization (and lost civilizations) and the juxtaposition of contemporary human culture with the timeless elements of nature.  My interest has been driven by recent photography trips to remote locations from Antarctica to Easter Island to Bhutan.

In my photographs from these trips, I have been exploring not just the places themselves but what they symbolize in our contemporary understanding of human culture, environmentalism and the evolution of civilization.

These images employ scale, texture and composition to convey my observations about the unique nature of isolation in these places and the narrative of juxtaposition between civilization and nature and the transformation that results from their interaction.

Some of my images convey a sense of place and story through their simplicity and photojournalistic qualities, others have a narrative layered throughout; drawing the viewer to ask questions about the complex nature on the world we live in.  I endeavor always to start a dialog with the viewer. Through my writing about my travel experiences, I continue that dialog beyond the photographs themselves.


Arctic and Antarctica

  • 2013 – Photographer in residence for thearcticcircle.org organization joining a select group of artists and scientists to explore the Norwegian Archipelago

  • 2012 – Expedition Photographer on Board the M/S Expedition for 5 weeks in Antarctica providing lectures and workshops on how to take better photographs in the Antarctic region.

  • 2010 – Expedition Photographer for G Adventures shooting new brochure material for their Antarctica expedition cruises.

  • 2005 – Aboard the M/S Explorer as photographer to attempt a cross of the Antarctic circle.
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