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Sheena Fraser McGoogan

Sheena Fraser McGoogan

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Arctic reached out and seized me in 2007, as in a Zodiac we wended our way through canyons of ice off the coast of Greenland. The icebergs were so much more dramatic than I expected, and so dazzling, so fantastical against the starkness of the landscape. They made me think: this is where my painting has been taking me.

Born and raised in Montreal, I spent my childhood in the art studio of my maternal grandfather, Albert Pattison. A professional painter who studied with Maurice Cullen and William Brymner, he celebrated the architecture of Old Montreal. I myself have studied art at the Musee de Beaux Art, McGill University, University of British Columbia (where I took a degree in Art Education with Gordon Smith), Banff School of Fine Art (I won a scholarship to attend), Alberta School of Art, and Art Gallery of Ontario.

After working as an art teacher/classroom teacher for twenty years, I began focusing more exclusively on my art. During the past few years, I have been painting the rocks and shoreline in the Beaches district of Toronto, while participating in the Beach Studio Tour and numerous art shows around the city. I have also been assisting my author husband, Ken McGoogan, who has won several major awards with his books on Arctic exploration (Fatal Passage, Ancient Mariner, Lady Franklin's Revenge). That's where my interest was born.


1. University of British Columbia. Earned Art Education degree with a double major in painting and printmaking (Bob Steele / Gordon Smith).
2. Scholarship to Banff School of Fine Art.
3. Federation of Artists juried show - Vancouver, B.C.
4. Studied printmaking and painting - McGill University.
5. Art show, Leighton Centre, Alberta 2004.
6. Alberta School of Art: studied painting with Barb Milne.
7. Art show for charity - Kuhn Gallery, Calgary 2004.
8. Illustrations in Chasing Safiya, a novel by Ken McGoogan.
9. Photographs in three non-fiction books: Ancient Mariner, Fatal
and Lady Franklin's Revenge by Ken McGoogan.
10. Three art sales out of a private collector's home - 2004.
11. Studied painting with Alexandra Flood- Fredericton, New Brunswick 2004.
12. Studied painting with Ewa Stryjnik-Art Gallery of Ontario 2005.
13. Juried Art Show - Kew Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
14. Beach Studio Tour, Toronto 2005-06
15. Praxis Gallery, Toronto, Still Life Group Exhibition- Sept. 2005.
16. Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, group show - Oct. 2005.
17. Praxis Gallery, Toronto: Juried show: Inspiration - Nov. 2005.
18. Engine Gallery, Toronto, XXXMAS Group Show - 2005.
19. Praxis Gallery, Toronto, Expressions Group Show - Feb. 2006.
20. Beach Studio Tour, Toronto - Spring 2006.
21. Sage Café, Toronto – Celebrating Colour: Two-person show, June 2006.
22. ARTA Gallery, Toronto, Distillery, Summer Creative Flutter, June 2006.
23. Lennox Gallery, YELLO Group Show, June 2006.
24. Art Square Gallery, ColorFest: Two-person show, October 2006.
25. Beach Studio Tour -- Fall 2006.
26. Praxis Gallery, Artist Inspiration: Juried Exhibition, November 2006.
27. Open Studio: Studied silk screen printmaking with Nick Shick: 2006-07.
28. Art Square Gallery: Near and Far: Four-person show, November 2007.
29. Beach Studio Tour, Spring and Fall (October) 2007.
30. Member of The Collective: Toronto Visual Artists Network


Art Square Gallery November 2007
Polar Artists Group, McMichael Gallery November 16, 2007
The Club at Bond Head Gallery until January 2, 2008

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Sheena Fraser McGoogan
Tel: 416-686-2756
Email: sheena.mcgoogan@gmail.com
Web: www.sheenamcgoogan.com
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