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Dag Peterson

Dag Peterson

Varberg, Sweden

As a young child I showed an unequivocal aptitude for drawing and painting. My fascination for animals and wild nature naturally influenced my choice of subject matter. I cannot say if man's interest in birds is innate, only that it has been a part of me for as long as I can recall and that my preoccupation with birds as well as drawing continued unabated.

1979 is marked for a long-cherished dream coming true: I had my first exhibition in the town of Borås in Sweden. And because sales surpassed my wildest expectations I have, since then, dedicated myself fully to what I like doing best – painting animals and birds. Only in later years has writing been added to the list. My first book 'Meet the golden eagle' was published in 1997.

'Northern birds of prey and owls' appeared in 2001 and was, to my great surprise, chosen by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for their '2002 Panda Book of the Year'. My third book was published 2004 – 'Distant Islands, Svalbard and the Falkland Islands'. (The three books are only in swedish language).

From early on distant islands caught my imagination. Through my work I feel privileged in having had rare opportunities in getting to places far away from the madding crowd, to such distant places as the Isle of May off Scotland's east coast, the Faroes, the island of Værøy in the Lofoten archipelago, to Trinidad and Tobago. Svalbard and the Falkland Islands quickly became favourite destinations.

All my life I have been deeply involved in the work of preserving threatened species, e.g. Eagle Owl, Peregrine Falcon and the Golden Eagle. I have also been involved with the Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF), an organization set up by artists from all over the World to represent fragile and threatened natural habitats worldwide. E.g. bookprojekts in India. Peru, Alaska, Spain, Poland and The Netherlands.

Feb. 2005 WNAG Conservation Artist Award for artistic exellence and extraordinary dedication to conservation.
His book about Birds of Prey and Owls in Scandinavia ("Rovfaglar och ugglor i Norden") was honoured by the swedish King Carl Gustav XVI as the best written and illustrated natural history book 2002.
He has been commissioned by the Aland Post department, to produce fourteen images for postage stamps.
By the Falkland Islands Philatelic Bureau Dag has been commissioned to design postage stamps with Short eared owl and Barn owl Oct. 2004.
Four new WWF-stamps with Striated Caracara. Released Dec. 2006. http://www.falklands.gov.fk/pb/fi/owls.htm
October 2004 his lithograph ”Dancing Cranes” was awarded a First Price at an art exhibition organized by Wildlife Art Society International in Bristol Zoo, UK.
Numeroues Exhibitions in Sweden and abroad.
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Dag Peterson
Fritslavagen 85, SE-51142 KINNAHULT
Tel: +46 320 13600
Email: dag.Peterson@wildlifeart.se
Web: www.wildlifeart.se
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