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Specialy attached to Uummannaq, Greenland, (with my wife as a doctor for this large district) and after a period of 13 months of common residence in 2006 /07 we got to understand the dramatic consequences over nature and people, provocated by climate changes. Coming both in Uummannaq from 2003 this evolution is getting each year faster and more spectacular. The reverberation of these changes will soon dangerously have influence over the balance of this very harmonious little hunters society. Health, population psychological statment, people social evolution dependents of too quick changings ressources, concentration at school for the children a.s.o,..... have been our daily worry conjugate to the desire to find new way by leading actions in our respective professional activities.

Teaching art to Uummannaq children is a positiv medium to stimulate their creativity, their concentration at school, to introduce other school matters into art classes or happenings, to sharp their “ecological” leitmotivs and at least to give to these children a chance to promotionate their ideas out of their town and out of Greenland. We go on, working about new ideas, projects and actions that children are delagated to democraticly treat artisticaly. It is giving them a chance to be heard for a better future..............

9 campaigns with Royal Danish Navy around Greenland
3 kayak expeditions- 1 in SW Greenland and 2 in Uummannaqs fjords system.
Winter hunting and fishing with polar Inuitter.
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Pierre André Camille Auzias
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Tel: At work in DK: ( + 45) 47 72 58 24
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Email: p.auzias@mail.dk
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