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Benefits & Dues
Benefits to Polar Artists
  • Polar Artists Group will include work from visual artists (painters, photographers, sculptors), writers, musicians, film makers, and any other form of art decided upon

  • opportunity to have artwork and bios displayed in the on-line gallery. This will serve as a reference for international curators when putting together exhibitions.

  • prestige of being part of an elected group of international artists dedicated to polar awareness (please note: Associate Membership available, and all artists participating in an IPY endorsed project will automatically be eligible as elected members of Polar Artists Group

  • invitation to participate in Passion for the Poles exhibition (shipping artwork artist's responsibility, but will make grant info available). Polar Artists Group to charge 35% commission on sales

  • qualify for monthly Polar Awareness Award

  • discount and first opportunity to attend art/science conference

  • Polar Artists Group is marketed internationally and linked to IPY website thus ensuring global audience for artwork

  • artwork will be available for use to reporters, researchers, or anyone producing polar-related products who may need an image to use (copyright belongs to artist).

  • elected members are entitled to include P.A.G. after their name

  • discounts on polar travel

  • opportunity to promote education on the polar regions by advertising approved art workshops that combine school curriculums

  • opportunity to be elected as resident artist during polar travel

Membership dues are nominal and have been decided upon in order to cover basic costs of operation and marketing.

One-time Initiation Fee:
$50.00 in CAD or US dollars

Annual Membership Dues:
$150.00 in CAD or US dollars

Members benefit from strong representation on the Polar Artists Group site resulting in direct exposure with the added benefits of higher search engine performance and increased traffic to independent sites.

Members also benefit from the link to the IPY site, international marketing to galleries, museums, and media, and latest information on scientific research and programs relating to the polar regions.

Following are the key features in Polar Artists Group site representation.

  • Initial set-up of your site.

  • Five free images/year including optional portrait ($10 for each additional image up to 100 images).

  • Participation in Polar Artist Group art shows and activities

  • Discount and invitation to "Passion for the Poles" conference.

  • Free posting of articles on your accomplishments on the main site.

  • Opening page with sample artwork and artist statement
  • An "About the Artist" page with Artist Portrait (optional)

  • Biography

  • Achievements, Awards, etc.

  • Contact Info

  • Up to 100 images on your site.

  • Artwork (by category) - Add, modify and categorize up to 100 artworks.

  • Sell your artwork directly to clients with NO commission.

  • "Studio" pages - Show the world where you work (up to 10 pictures, plus text)

  • "The Creative Process" page - Use text to explain your medium(s) and add up to 10 pictures to illustrate your process.

  • "Galleries" page - Unlimited listing of where your work can be seen/purchased.

  • "News" page - List and post articles of noteworthy accomplishments.

  • "Events Calendar" page - Chronological list of where you and your work can be seen (this information will be automatically submitted for possible inclusion on Polar Artists Group main site).